Morettis Menu


“Moretti’s started in my families basement making sausage bread and different dishes” says Tommy Moretti, the owner of Morettti’s on Sawmill. He has carried on the family history of making and serving traditional Italian cuisine. In 1984 the Moretti’s moved on from their basement and opened a carryout in Grandview with one break table, Armondo’s. Customers began to sit and eat at the break table and soon there was a line of people waiting their turn to sit and eat at that one table. The deli cases were removed and more tables were brought in to accommodate all of their satisfied customers.


“In 1989, I opened Morettis on Sawmill. The menu is traditional Italian and we pride ourselves on house made sausage since 1969. We make our own pasta as its ordered, we invite you to ask us to see your pasta as it’s being made. All casseroles are made to order, you’re even able to choose whether you‘d prefer egg or spinach noodles and of course their hand made. Ravioli are made to order as well, with the choice of egg or spinach noodle and ground veal or ricotta cheese. The bread is made fresh every day,never day old. The Chicken and Veal Moretti are our most popular dishes with many other chicken, veal,seafood dishes close behind. Not to mention our pizzas. House made cheese cake and cannoli’s to finish a great meal.”


Tommy Moretti is up at the crack of dawn preparing all of the food for that day. His patrons enjoy authentic traditional Italian cuisine with fresh ingredients and amazing quality. The sauces and pastas are unlike anything you’ve tasted at other restaurants. Stop by Moretti’s on Sawmill and taste what fresh homemade authentic Italian cuisine really is.


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Tommy Moretti:  (614) 717-0400
5849 Sawmill Road, Dublin, OH 43017