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Ronin Training Center specializes in transforming the health of your company's employees. Our revolutionary fitness routines promote living a healthy lifestyle through nutritional and Mixed Martial Arts for Self-Defense.

In Columbus, many businesses are seeing tired and distracted employees which convert into a loss of work and profits. Ronin Training Center helps develop a renewed energy and focus. When we coach your employees, they will gain confidence and learn self-defense and fitness techniques and routines that promote well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Call Ronin today to book a seminar for your employees at 614-565-3787.


In House:               Seminar at Ronin Training Center - $200*

At Your Office:     Seminar at Your Business - $250*

* Up To 12 People


Supermarket Savvy: Reading Food Labels

From calories, fats, carbs, and sugar grams, reading labels can be a challenge! In this Nutrition Seminar, you will learn what exactly to look for when it comes to reading food labels. You will be able to make healthier purchases at the grocery store for your household!  This seminar will teach you how to step beyond the nutrition facts and analyze what exactly is in your food to make the most nutritionally sound choices for your body.

Clean Eating: How-To

A healthy lifestyle is nearly impossible without a well-stocked kitchen with healthy choices.

This Clean Eating Class will set you on the path toward overall healthy eating by teaching you how to build a better pantry. Knowing how to stock a nutritious kitchen means healthy food is always available for quick meal prep—critical for weight management! You’ll learn which ingredients to avoid and what the best pantry and refrigerator staples are for long-term health.

Fueling for Fitness

Wondering what to eat before and after working out in order to build muscle and maximize your health? A Fueling for Fitness Seminar will teach you about the importance of eating the correct balance of macronutrients both before and after exercising to optimize performance, energy, and well-being. You’ll also learn how to properly hydrate and which supplements are best for you.

How to Keep Your Family Healthy- Dinner Recipes!

Cooking nutritious meals at home is one of the best ways to manage weight and develop healthy eating habits; but finding healthy and tasty recipes isn’t easy! In this seminar, you’ll learn to how to develop realistic meal plans and transform standard (and often unhealthy) recipes into nourishing recipes that you and your family will use time and time again.


Women’s Self Defense: Rape Prevention

This Seminar will focus on standing and ground techniques to teach you how to escape a sexual assault. With rape statistics on the rise, it is crucial for females to learn this specific self defense moves. Whether you are trapped in a car, ally, or bedroom all females will learn techniques to escape this life threatening situation.

Anti-Bully: Bully Prevention

Kids go to school to learn! Not to get bullied. This class is focused on teaching kids how to respond to bully situations and when the time is right to defend themselves and how. From

preschool to highschool this is a problem in almost every school. This class will minimize fighting and teach common sense before self defense.


Importance of Activity - Health at Your Desk

This seminar addresses the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and offers many solutions of how to become more active in your daily life. The instructor will teach how to be healthy and active without ever stepping foot in a gym.


Great for the workaholic or non-active workers outside of the office. If you spend the majority of your workday at a desk or staring at a computer this seminar is for you! During this seminar you will learn tips to utilize at work, in the car, at home, and at the gym to help improve posture and alleviate pain from sitting all day.


Striking Seminar

This seminar will teach you the basics of striking. The instructor will teach how to throw an effective punch and technical kicks. Whether it’s for self defense, workout, or sports purposes you will have the knowledge to look like a pro!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar

This seminar focuses on ground techniques. The instructor will teach how to stay dominant and submit an opponent on the ground. Whether it’s for self defense, workout, or sports purposes you will have the knowledge to look like a pro!


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