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Ronin Fit is Ronin Training Center's new workout class! Available 10X week (40X month!) for your convenience. Workouts are beginner & advanced friendly. Designed to burn fat, lose weight, build muscle, improve mobility, and deliver results! Come check out your first week of classes FREE!!!

Ronin Fit Membership Includes

-10 workouts/week, 40 workouts/month!

-Gym/Fitness facility access during all open hours

-nutrition consultation with every sign up!

There are many benefits of working with our personal trainers to help you reach your fitness and health goals and here are just some of them:

  • Motivation

Personal trainers are also ‘personal motivators.’ Many people who find they have lost the motivation and drive to exercise choose to get a trainer to get this back. Regular sessions will help you get active and it will make exercise become a habit, getting you back into a routine.

  • Personalized workouts
    You can tell your trainer exactly what you want to work on. For example, you’d like to lose a few pounds but also tone up your arms. This means that they can tailor your sessions to help you achieve these goals.

  • More than just exercise

You can get advice about your diet as well as your fitness regime, giving you even more of a push to achieve sucess and a healthy lifestyle.

  • They push you

Who has been for a run an felt tired after 10 minutes and decided just to walk the rest of the way? It is very easy to stop when you are on your own but not so easy when someone is next to you telling you to do five more minutes. Personal trainers know your limits and they push you much harder than you would yourself.

  • Variety

It is very easy to get into the habit of doing the same workout every time you exercise but personal trainers keep things interesting. Their varied workouts will also give you inspiration for when you are working out on your own.

Please call today to get your First Free Class: 614-565-3787.


1012 West 3rd Ave.

Columbus, Ohio  43212


Mon - Fri:  9am - 8pm

Saturday:   9am - 1pm 

Sunday:      11am-1pm


Call: 614-565-3787

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